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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  June 4, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> we are working to improve safety every day on this system. we'll continue to do that. it will be a never ending job, but we'll continue to pay attention to it. >> the oversight commission complained that a blocked exit, complained about them back in 2007 and again in 2010, metro promised the inspector's reports would be moved much more quickly up the chain of command if the things weren't fixed right away. the commission says it turns out that the promise has not been fully implemented and it is particularly concerned that metro may be saying one thing and doing something else. back to you. >> you got it. >> bruce leshan, thank you. more than two years after morgan harrington was killed, the fbi revised its sketch. this is a new updated sketch. it was released by the help save the next girl campaign.
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the group was formed last year to help find morgan's killer and bring awareness to the as a ruler vulnerability of young women. her remains were found a few months later on a farm 8 miles from where she was last seen. one woman is in custody following a deadly stabbing in d.c. this happened this morning in the 3400 block of 13th place southeast. the woman was reportedly in her apartment when she was stabbed in the back. her young daughter was home at the time of the attack. the suspect allegedly went to nearby school to pick up her daughter. sharon says she stopped her. >> she wanted to get her daughter. not today. you can step up here, right here in this corner and that's when the officer came over and placed the handcuffs. >> neither the name of the victim nor the suspect has been
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released. the motive not clear in all this. >> crews evacuated a building at the naval research lab this morning after a possible dangerous chemical spill. the lab's director of public affairs says an unidentified identified liquid. the liquid is not hazardous. derek. george zimmerman's attorney wants a brand-new bond hearing and today he filed a motion to get it. this all comes after the court revoked the 28-year-old's bond for lying to the court about his family's financial circumstances. the court deserves an apology and an explanation. randall with the latest from sanford, florida. >> george zimmerman's defense team is expected to request a new bond hearing. his lawyer says the 28-year-old needs to admit he and his wife made a serious mistake. >> i think the zimmerman family needs to apologize to the court. >> revoked zimmerman's bond
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after prosecutors show his wife misled the court. she allegedly hid more than $100,000 raised online to defend her husband. >> the family made a mistake. i think it was out of fear and frustration. >> reporter: zimmerman is away from other inmates. he will be here through his trial, which is not expected to start until sometime next year. richard is a criminal defense attorney in florida. he says if there is another hearing, the judge may want to send a message. >> i see the judge setting a bond at a half million dollars because he was not happy about the fact he was lied to. so he's going to ensure that this doesn't happen again. >> zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the death of trayvon martin. the financial coverup complicates zimmerman's defense strategy. >> under these circumstances, i think he undermined his own
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credibility. >> since the shooting in all other matters, zimmerman has been forthright and cooperative with authorities. cbs news, sanford, florida. now we should note that zimmerman pleaded not guilty. he claims he shot martin in self-defense during their confrontation in february. let's take it outside to the weather terrace. >> i had a pleasure of taking a long and leisurely run. this may be the most perfect day. >> it's pretty close. it may be cool for some folks. >> the whole weekend. >> the weekend was great. >> fabulous. >> let's start with temperatures because you know, we should be in the low 80s. right now, we're in the mid 70s. 70 in gaithersburg and 70 in leesburg. temperatures below average. 57 in oakland. a little cooler. right now, live doppler is quiet. tonight partly to mostly
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cloudy. showers possible later on. temperatures in the 50s and winds northeasterly at 10. we'll come back and talk about how long we'll be cool and unsettled and talk about delivering the next three days in a different way to help you plan your life around. so we'll talk about that coming up. >> thank you, top. coming up, facebook considering a change that might open up social media services to young kids. why some folks are worried about that idea. plus, an air tanker pilot pulls off an emergency landing while fighting a wild fire. >> but first, jerry sandusky makes one last plead to delay the beginning of his sex abuse trial. one day before they are supposed to start jury selection. what the judge said when we come back.
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a complete stranger has restored a d.c. woman's faith in human kindness. that woman is disabled and last week someone stole her motorized wheelchair. tonight we have good news and peggy fox can explain. >> who steals a wheelchair? what do you need it for? >> reporter: melissa who can barely walk couldn't believe someone would steal her expensive motorized wheelchair she kept outside her basement apartment. while the theft upset her, it made her husband furious. >> it's more than a chair. why would someone steal from a
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handicapped person. it doesn't make sense. there's no reason to do something like this. this is a real violent crime. >> he wrote to 9news now about it and we aired the story friday night. stephanie sum summers. she knew she could help. >> it was sitting, waiting for someone else. it was basically waiting for her. >> summers has had rheumatoid arthritis since she was a kid. she upgraded to this new chair. she tried to find someone to give her old chair to, but couldn't. so she kept it and waited for a sign. >> so i said okay, god, when you need somebody to give it, it's going to be sitting in the corner all cleaned up and ready to go. >> summer sent an e-mail to me and i sent it on to the weiss's. >> it restores your faith in humanity. >> melissa's new chair is better because it has a seat lift. they'll get it as soon as summers can get new batteries for it. >> there's always an
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opportunity to do good, but more than a million to do good. why not do it? >> planning to rent a car tomorrow to go to sterling to pick up melissa's gift. she plans to pay it forward. she knows a lot of people who would need that motorized wheelchair. so she's going to give hers to someone if she ever finds it. >> i'm still mad at the person who stole it, but i'm glad to see this happen. the disappearance in natalie holloway could face extradition to the u.s. it must be approved by the country's justice minister. van der sloot is facing 28 years in prison for the murder of stephanie ramirez in 2010. he faces extortion charges in holloway's disappearance. pennsylvania supreme court
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denied jerry sandusky's final request to delay the start of his trial. the high court ruled the sex abuse trial can begin with jury selection tomorrow. manuel has the latest. >> reporter: as many as eight accusers could take the stand at jerry sandusky's sex abuse trial. they'll be required to use their real names when testifying. the judge ordered lawyers to cooperate when possible to protect their privacy and personal information. sandusky, a former assistant football coach is charged with abusing ten boys during 15 years. some of the victims are believed to be from his second mile charity. an organization he founded to help troubled boys. sandusky denies the charges. the credibility of the accusers is expected to be a critical issue during the trial. defense attorneys are expected to question their motivation to testify and their recollection about what they say happened so many years ago.
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memory could come into play for a key witness, former assistant coach, mike mcquery. he was a graduate assistant when he says he saw sandusky sexually assault a young boy in a locker room shower. he first testified it took place in march of 2002. now prosecutors say the actual date is february 2001. >> the jury is going to be asking itself, it's mike mcquery who has no dog in this hunt is making up a story, could these other witnesses be making up a story as well? >> there will be no other cameras in the courtroom. originally the judge was going to allow reporters to tweet and e-mail during the trial, but on monday, he banned all electronic communication. cbs news, pennsylvania. listen to these numbers. as many as 250 people could be questioned to find 12 jurors and five alternates for this trial. a fifth grader in
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rochester, minnesota, is in the clear with his teacher even though he was playing playing hooky. the 11-year-old skipped school because his dad took president obama to speak. tyler handed in his note, but this wasn't any old note. tyler and his dad sat in the front row and right after the speech, the president came over and gave him a handwritten note for school complete with the presidential seal. >> i was like, oh, i was so shocked. i didn't say anything. >> what did he write to you? >> meze excuse tyler. he was with me, barack obama, the president. >> it couldn't have happened to a better student. tyler is fantastic. very respectful. >> tyler says he has gotten other autographs, but nothing like this president presidential pardon. he won't be able to use it a
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second time. prince georges county public schools are rewarding students. students who make honor roll and academic achievement will be given discounts. also be granted some mall gift cards. 24 schools county wide participate and to date, millions of kids, a million kids have been rewarded. that's still a lot. >> we are starting to get an idea hof tow powerful those storms were on friday and the national weather service says nine tornadoes touched down in maryland. now the two most powerful were in howard counties. damage costs expected to run into the millions. twisters also touched down in four counties. two in carol and one in prince georges and anne arundel counties. in virginia, no tornadoes hit in the immediate d.c. area, but two did touch down further south. in petersburg, one house was hurt. out in hampton, virginia, a
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twister damaged more than 2 00 homes and caused more than $4 million in damage. so all in all, a very stormy friday and we saw some of those clouds formations, but we didn't know how many touched down. >> exactly. now we do know. a lot more than we thought at first. >> we thought six or so in maryland. that was the big one. some were in virginia. just to put things in perspective. maryland as a state, averages 3 or 4, we had 9 in one day. so, that's why yesterday, or friday was a severe weather alert day. we'll do something different. ready to do something a little different? change is good. all right, nine weather alerts and here's what it means. a yellow day, a green day, or red day. if it's a green day, we'll rate every day of the next three. if it's green, it's good.
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no worries, keep your tee times, enjoy, no worries. if it's yellow, it's kind of caution day. kind of a nuisance day. it could affect your plans. maybe it will affect your plans in the morning or morning fog. may not affect your whole day. not life threatening, but something you have to keep in tune. maybe kid's soccer games could be postponed. may add 10 minutes to your commute in the morning. on a red day, that was friday. that's when severe weather is going to occur, it's going to be life threatening or already is occurring. work our way through this the next few days. this is what is going to happen. we'll give you color codes. all right, here's a live look outside. brought to you by michael and son. temperature 77 downtown. open your windows tonight, but not too far or you'll be cold.
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winds north, northwest at 18. pressure is low. still falling a little bit. 70 in bethesda. low 70s in great falls. even 69 out in reston. low 70s in college park and 70 also in beltsville. so, a little bit more like may, but really refreshing out there. cool and a bit unsettled. we talked about this last week. not much to change your outdoor plans, but a shower is possible. it's quiet around the metro area. some showers possible tomorrow. probably a better chance. so wetter on wednesday. and storms come in on thursday. so for tonight, port partly to mostly cloudy and cool. low temperatures in the 50s. upper 50s downtown and low 50s in the suburbs. winds east, northeast at 10. by morning, parking lotly sunny and cool. temperatures in the 50s and
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60s. i don't think it's enough to take your umbrella. we'll have more sun tomorrow morning than we will in the afternoon. in fact, by afternoon, we'll stay motionly cloudy and cool. high temperatures between 70 and 75. the wind is still easterly. that keeps clouds in the forecast. so, your day planner, 50 to 60 to start. maybe a sprinkle to start. noon, upper 50s to low 60s and a better chance of showers or light rain. also more clouds. temperatures in the 70s to 75. the next three days, no problems tomorrow. a couple showers possible. still going to be a green day. on wednesday, wet roads. 72, and a few storms. another yellow alert day. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s.
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looks like we're looking at temperatures on friday. back up to near 80 and that's not quite average. temperatures as we go through the week, temperatures in the mid 80s on saturday and on sunday, it starts to warm up. we are in the upper 80s. okay, so that's going to warm up again this week. we are looking at a cool stretch of weather through this week into the weekend. all right, so you have the green days and yellow days? >> that makes some sense. there could be wet roads, but the whole day is not a wash. >> you got it. back to you. >> may all your weekends be green. it's graduation week. a lot of high school classes are getting out of school and a tradition known as beach week. teenagers flock to the sun for
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fun and expugn they are looking for booze as well. one among man who was hoping the kids don't make the same mistake he did. >> mccoy graduated and ended up in jail. he is he probably drove drunk a thousand times until his luck ran out. >> i've been to jail. i've been suicidal. i've been kicked out of the marine corps. lost my license. i've been on probation. >> dan mccoy talks to teenagers about the darkest moments of his 26 years. he forces himself to remember the details of the crash he caused. >> the 17-year-old girl's head coming through your windshield and her neck being split open at a 45-degree angle. >> as dan told high school students, he was 19 when his
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life unraveled. his victim just 17. >> i started shaking. i was, you know, a mess. >> dan's mother was woken up by a phone call at 3:00 a.m. >> he said i have been in a horrific phone call and i need you to come quick. the first we saw him, he pulled the covers over his head and i said danny, and he said mom, you don't understand. you don't understand. i have killed somebody. >> if god came down to earth and said dan, would you trade places with her? i would in a heartbeat. >> i don't think that will ever change. >> did you tell the girl to put her seat belt on? >> no, you know why? because i was drunk. >> did you go to her funeral? >> no. >> dan's impact on teenagers is undenial.
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>> how many of you will think twice in the future before you drink and before you drink and drive? >> you know it could happen to you even though you don't think it will. >> so use me ads as an example. >> it isn't just the physical and emotional toll of a deadly dui he learned, but the financial cost, too. >> i would say at least $75,000. >> probation fees, alcohol assessment fees, house arrest fees. >> you have an avenge -- >> the cost of the car. he lost his car. it was totaled. >> restitution to the family. >> a simple message. call their parents before they drive after drinking or get in the car with someone who has. >> what's the worse thing your parents are going to do? ground you? take your keys away? >> to illustrate how difficult
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it is for young people to absorb the message of not drinking and driving. his young friend got a dui himself three to four weeks later. and three of their friends were in that car. hopefully with dan's message. it isn't just a physical and emotional toll, but a high financial cost as well. >> andrea mccarren, thank you. >> good to see he's reaching out to the people who matter. up next, the latest on the investigation into what caused a nigerian passenger plane to plummet from the sky leaving more than 100 people dead. 9news will be back right after the break. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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there is breaking news out of virginia where a terrible accident on i-295 brought the traffic to a crawl. the crash is in the hov lanes just north of glee road. the accident involves two cars and a motorcycle. good news is, so far no fatalities reported. but anybody stuck in this jam will likely be getting home
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very late tonight. anita. >> a close call for a pilot and his vintage plane. the landing gear on a fire fighting air tanker failed to work the right way sunday. emergency crews on the ground in nevada brace for the worst. amateur video shows the pilot had a perfect belly landing. investigators are also looking for the cause of a deadly plane crash in nigeria. this was sunday when the boeing 83 went down in a busy neighborhood. search crews are checking nearby homes for even more victims. hundreds of residents rushed to the crash site, which made it impossible for the firefighters or ambulances to reach the wreckage. >> trying to earn a living and so tragically and untimely. >> pilots reported engine trouble moments before the jet
5:27 pm
liner took the ground. experts from boeing are helping the nigerian authorities investigate the crash and figure out what happened. >> still to come, one of d.c.'s advocates passes away. look back at the life and legacy. >> plus, from miss maryland to miss u.s.a. but first. >> facebook is allowing access to kids under 13 years old that has some advocacy groups concerned. i'm anny hong in
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should young kids be able to use facebook? bans kids under 13. facebook is testing out ways to allow younger kids on its site. that has some groups concerned. >> yeah, they do. children from ten years old have facebook. >> even though facebook bands children under 13, millions of them have profiles on the site by lying about their age. >> i only use it for -- i don't talk to strangers on facebook. but my siblings are in the philippines, so i can communicate with them. >> developing technology that will allow kids under 13 to
5:31 pm
use these sites. parents may control whom their children can friend and the apps they use. >> it's just too corrupt. it's too corrupt. it's not for kids. the bullying and the he say she say, it's not for kids. >> one study found 36% of kids survey knew their kids had a facebook profile before they were 13 years old. some groups argue facebook isn't a place for children at all. >> kids have a different internet experience. they don't understand what is advertising. what can they say on facebook that may or may not hurt them in the long run? >> opening the site would allow facebook and its partners to profit from the fast growing market of children's games. but that raises other questions of its social educational and privacy impacts it could have on kids. >> what is the boundary? you know, where does it stop?
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>> reporter: anny hong, 9news now. >> anny says this could be a long way off, or not get implemented. in a statement, facebook says it is an on going dialogue with stake holders, regulators, and other policymakers on how to best help parents keep their children safe online. making a push to revamp d.c. cabs. the commission wants to remove the older cabs from service. the plan is, to have all vehicles that are seven years or older out of service by the year 2017. drivers who feel their cars are safe and well maintained can apply for an exception, providing them with more than three years of service. prince georges county is putting a new spin on its cash for guns program. inviting people to turn in weapons. they will get a gift card. carter's son was killed by gun violence and she praises the county's efforts. >> no mother should have to
5:33 pm
bury more child. the act of gun violence is brief, but the affects last a lifetime. it's not affecting just the black and white neighborhood, it affects us as a people. >> county's violence is down 49% compared to last year, gun violence makes up the vast majority in prince georges county. one of washington's most revered social advocates has passed away. the bishop died last week after a two-year battle with breast cancer. the woman known as angel in action. >> when martin luther king, jr., marched on washington in 1963, stewart was there. she followed him from georgia and never went back. nearly ten years later, she became the first african american woman to find a homeless shelter in washington. >> there are women and babies that come here and knock on my door all night long. i need help.
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well, that's what i'm here for. >> for the next 45 years, she ran the house in a shelter for battered women and children. >> that's all i have ever done. >> but two years ago, the shelter burned down. around the same time she got the diagnosis that would end her life. >> now that i have cancer -- >> ima gene lost her her battle last wednesday. her son picked out her final resting place. >> she tried so hard to please and make sure that everybody around her was okay. from her death bed, she was making phone calls making sure everything was okay. >> now the memorial service is next saturday at the elks lodge. it's a fitting spot because that building wouldn't be here today without her. she helped save it ten years ago. >> she would give her last dollar to make sure somebody had a smile and food in their mouth. she would.
5:35 pm
her last dollar. >> ima jean went from being homeless to helping the homeless. she was a pastor, mother of two, and a social advocate for anyone who needed help. >> my mother always had society on her mind. she wanted to leave the world better than the way she found it. >> and that she did. in brentwood, kristin fisher, 9news now. >> that's a big loss for our town. ima jean was 69 and in the last half hour, we received information about her final arrangements. there will be a viewing next friday in northwest and the funeral saturday at 9:00 a.m. at at columbia lodge on 3rd street. >> and now, here is the star of the family feud, richard. >> and game show fans are mourning the loss of a legend tonight. richard doson, dawson passed
5:36 pm
away. dawson became famous for kissing all his female guests and survey says -- he was on hogan's heros. guys like me will remember that show. richard dawson. vote and approve the 2013 budget for the city. the council gave preliminary approval last month. if passed as is, next year's budget will total $9 billion and double the number of traffic cameras and extend the hours of city bars. those measures are intended to help close a projected $172 million short fall. coming up on 9news, a new therapy for aggressive breast cancer that could keep women living longer disease free. they are calling it a smart bomb. topper. >> it is gorgeous right now. we have a break on temperatures today, which is always nice. we'll take you out with the almanac. grasses are still off the charts around the metro area.
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weeds and mold spores also in the low range. we'll come back and talk about 9 weather alert, what that means to you. we'll also take you into next week. but first, he defied skeptics, now he's a med school graduate. we'll introduce you to him. don't forget, we're always on at showed me the pressure points on my feet and exactly where i needed more support. then, i got my number. my tired, achy feet affected my whole life. until i found my number. i tried the free dr. scholl's foot mapping center. in two minutes, i got my foot map and custom number. i'm a 440. that matched up to the dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts with the right support and cushioning i need. i am a believer. i'm a believer! i'm a believer.
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as a mere lad of 9, he was an accomplished pi pianist. he is about to enter his residency in pediatric neurology and he owes his success to something he felt within. >> just the pressure has been coming from anyone else, like my parents, i wouldn't have been able to keep going. you have to be driven by something that you want to do. >> driven by a huge monster brain. provided a good example for his young sister. attends john hopkins university. she is working on bachelor degree number 2. >> i'm thinking there is something in the genes of that
5:41 pm
family. okay, miss maryland came oh so close to claiming the title of miss u.s.a. 2012. last night she made it down to the final two. but that was the end of the line. >> miss u.s.a. 2012, rhode island. olivia. >> 27-year-old nana meriweather finished first runner up. in college, she was a two-time all american volleyball player. she is now planning to head to medical school. still to come, is he really back? a look at tiger's performance over the weekend. pretty stunning at the memorial. >> but first, how many moms follow the expert advice when it comes to breast-feeding their babies? some startling new numbers on that.
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5:44 pm
in tonight's health alert, we know what is best for our babies, but we don't always make it. a majority of new mothers are not breast-feeding as long as
5:45 pm
they plan to. experts recommend breast- feeding for six months. new research finds while 80% say yeah, we plan to do that, a third of them meet that goal. oncologists are buzzing about the first smart bomb against breast cancer. the drug called tdm1 building on the success of the first gene therapy for a certain type of breast cancer. and this new approach keeps women with advanced cases disease free and living longer. >> it is first of its kind, so it's a combination of antibody and seems to be working. >> the doctor says the excitement about tdm1 is very real and justified. at the annual meeting of the american society of clinical oncologists going on in chicago right now, a duke university team revealed how the smart bomb works. researchers combined a chemotherapy so toxic it can't
5:46 pm
be given on its own. until they reach a cancer cell. >> delivers a toxin that can kill the cell and minimize some of the collateral damage to other cells that we sometimes see. >> very little side effects compared to the conventional chemotherapies. >> the scientist tested with widely spreading breast cancer. comparing them to those getting a combo. the only other treatment approved for these advanced cases. 65% of the women getting them were lived compared to 42% of the control group. doctors don't know how great the survival benefits will be. a great thing. she had cancer and may need a new and powerful ally in the future. >> because if anything happened in the future, the possibility of me actually
5:47 pm
using something like this would be great. i had breast cancer in my right breast. so if i ever got it again, if i got it in the left side, maybe this would be a possibility and it wouldn't take me down. >> exactly. the treatment is still experiment tall. the maker hopes to have it on the market within a year and again, what also thrills doctors is that tdm1 doesn't cause the toxic side effects like chemo. >> thanks anita. we have a new weather alert system we are trying to bring out. >> here's the deal. it's green, yellow, red. we know what those mean. friday was a red day. severe weather alert day. we have a lot of days where it is inbetween. where you might want to change your plan just a little bit. so green, no worries. keep your plans, keep your tee times, you know, shouldn't affect the commute at all. a yellow day could be wet roads, could be morning fog. could be snow. it may be confined to one part
5:48 pm
of the day. maybe you'll have to leave in the morning. but you're fine coming home and red, watch out. that's a severe weather alert day. that will definitely change your plans. all right, let's talk about what we have going on right now. it's beautiful outside. showers well north of us and well to the south of us. we are inbetween. can't complain. 74 right now. the dew point in the 40s. we talked about how nice that is. it just means you can open your windows, but don't open them all the way. pressure steady 29.68 inches of mercury. going to zoom in to much of the east. you'll notice a little circular pattern up here. you'll see some showers going through kentucky and more showers north of baltimore. right now, we are inbetween. but for the most part, we're going to remain unsettled for the rest of the week. doesn't mean it's going to be a big deal. doesn't mean it will be anything severe. but may see some showers,
5:49 pm
probably will be on the caution yellow on the scale. 71 right now. it's almost like april instead of june. 72 in arlington. 73 in college park and 72 up in beltsville. so here's the deal. cool and unsettled. a shower possible tonight. some showers tomorrow. probably a better chance, wetter on wednesday and then gets a little warmer on thursday. some storms come into the mix by thursday afternoon, but nothing severe right now. so for tonight, partly to mostly cloudy. cool. a shower possible. upper 50s downtown. low 50s in the suburbs. now tomorrow morning, partly sunny and cool. showers or light rain possible. 50s and 60s. by afternoon, not a bad day. we'll stay partly to partly cloudy. high temperatures between 70 and 75. winds easterly at 5 to 10. probably leave your umbrella at home. we'll break it down for you. 50 to 60 to start.
5:50 pm
still partly cloudy and by evening, a little better chance of showers or light rain. temperatures between 70 and 75. so the next three days, tomorrow is green. even though we have a few showers in the forecast. wednesday wetter, wet roads possible. make it yellow. 72. and a few storms on thursday. warmer. temperatures in the mid 70s. we'll make that yellow as well. next seven days. pretty good shape on friday. we're looking at temperatures, thursday and friday we are warmer. thursday some showers and thunderstorms warmer. it will heat up again this weekend. we are flip-flopping. each weekend gets warm and next weekend is cool, this is a warm one. 89 on sunday and 90, an isolated storm possible on monday. >> it's summertime, man. >> not quite. metrological summer. >> this weekend was summer. >> it was a beautiful weekend. >> all right, tiger woods made this weekend's memorial golf tournament one of the most memorable in recent years.
5:51 pm
>> awesome says topper, but what does this weekend surge mean moving forward? kristin fisher has more on his big weekend. >> 73 times tiger woods has been crowned champion on the pga tour. he is now tied with the golden bear. jack nicholas, for second most all-time. it was the way that tiger roared on sunday in the final round of jack nicholas own memorial tournament that may have made more of a statement than any win in recent history. tiger had been hitting pure shots all day, but this shot from the rough on 16. vintage tiger. impressive. and there's the fist pump. it's back. even jack nicholas said that's the best shot he has ever seen. dropping the birdie on 18. leaving us all to wonder if tiger is truly back. afterwards, tiger took time to reflect on the win with his
5:52 pm
mentor and confidant. >> with his involvement in the tournament and the game, it makes it that much more special. if i won it somewhere else, it would have been a tie. to have him here right next to me right now, all that means something to us as players. >> he had to rub it in my face right here, didn't he? now i had, he's going to do it, which he is obviously going to. i would like to see it happen here. that was good. that was great. and the way he did it, you know, he played great. >> joining me now in studio to take a closer look at tiger's victory. frank, you know, tiger just said yesterday, i just played well. what did you see from him on the course? >> we saw that tiger roared. that's the first time we have seen that in quite some time. that was good to see. i'm not quite sold on him
5:53 pm
getting back to his true form. it was good to see him in a closing round come from behind and get the victory. now looking forward. can he keep this going at the united states open? he is still fragile mentally. as great as he is on the golf course, a lot has to do between the ears. >> the u.s. open is ten days away. anything we took from this victory, what did you take away? >> he's almost back. to see that fist pump or fist roar, whatever you call it on the 16th. that says maybe he is getting out of that shell. i think as much as he says he doesn't pay attention to what other people are saying, he does. the ratings are up 138%. he knows people are watching. he wants to breakthrough. i hope for his sake he is, but i'm not sold yet. >> it was an exciting tournament. of course the at&t national just over three weeks away. wusa will be on hand for that
5:54 pm
entire tournament. our special wrap up show of everything you need to know. all right here on wusa9. we'll send it back to you guys. >> thanks, kristen. the fight to guarantee that women make as much money as men doing the same job. >> i'm kristin fisher at the frying pan. several farm animals are recovering after they were stabbed last week by an unknown attacker. now the community is coming together to catch whoever is responsible. i'll explain coming up. >> plus, expert advice about your career or even your life no matter what you can pay. we'll take you to the woman center. that's up next.
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when you're dealing with the stress of life, where can you turn for expert mental health advice? the women center is a local nonprofit offering a wide range of counseling services and most people can actually afford it. j.c. hayward is in fairfax on hero central. >> i was having a couple difficulties, one at a previous job. just didn't seem like the right fit. it wasn't working. >> 15 years ago, lori visited the women's center because she needed career counseling. >> i needed to talk to somebody about strategies that i could use that were maybe different than the ones i tried. >> she also needed advice about a friendship. and the therapy helped her realize that the relationship had run its course. >> i really had a good
5:58 pm
counselor. she was very warm and friendly and very helpful. she had really good, direct strategies that i could put into place immediately. that helped a great deal. >> she went to the women's center for about six months and worked one on one with the licensed therapist. these services were offered to her regardless of her ability to pay the full fee. >> if you don't have insurance and can't pay for the fee, you can pay $45 or less depending on your financial picture and that's a really affordable rate that helps make therapy counseling, career counseling available and accessible. >> women's center offers a host of counseling services. ranging from career to family therapy and last year, the center saw more than 4,000 clients. >> i think sometimes we forget that our mental health is just as important as our physical health. >> today, she is in a great
5:59 pm
place. her counseling sessions helped her to decide it was time to find a new job. >> i love my job. i'm a magazine editor. and i work with a great group of people. great boss. >> i'm j.c. hayward, 9news now. >> any of that sound interesting? well, the women center says the best way to get in touch with them, go to this is 9news now. >> tonight, we're learning where people are leaving their cars a the home and turning to public transportation. the american public transportation association says americans use buses, subways, and trains 2.7 billion times in the first quarter of this year. that's up 5% from the year before. would you be able to get tout of a metro tunnel or underground station? a new report suggests metro may have been ignoring its own inspector's complaints on blocked emergency exits. bruce leshan


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